Invoice Processing and Printing … With MaltaPost

Has your company outgrown its invoice and payment collection system?

Increased sales may be a great sign, but falling behind on invoice and payment collection is not. MaltaPost offers a comprehensive service that manages all of this for you in an effective and accountable way.

MaltaPost can completely manage this aspect of your business, including:

  • Printing, folding and the insertion of your invoices and statements;
  • Processing, posting and delivery of invoices and statements;
  • Payment collection, and payment deposits;
  • Reporting as required.

So why not keep your focus on business growth, while we handle the rest? Contact us now for further details.


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EUROPA 2016 – Postage stamp issue - “Think Green”

EUROPA 2016 – Postage stamp issue - “Think Green”


release of a philatelic stamp set with the theme “Think Green” so as to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of EUROPA stamp issues. ....

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