The PostaPay&Save is a payment account that provides easy access to your money by means of the PostaPay Card or a passbook. The PostaPay Card can be used for cash withdrawals worldwide at any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo, at retail outlets both locally and overseas, and online. The passbook may be used at selected MaltaPost outlets.

The account can also be used to safely receive funds by direct credit, make payments and budget efficiently. You can deposit cheques or cash into the account, pay bills and withdraw money as necessary, while earning interest on the balance. You may also transfer funds to and receive funds from another PostaPay&Save free of any charges. With PostaPay&Save you may also buy stamps, merchandise and services from your local Post Office.

PostaPay&Save can be held by individuals over the age of 16 and by clubs and associations.


*The PostaPay Card issued to PostaPay&Save account holders may be used worldwide on ATMs and at retail outlets displaying the MasterCard logo. It can also be used for online purchases.
*Transactions are recorded on a passbook, if one is held.
*The account can be used to pay bills, such as those relating to water and electricity, fixed telephone lines, internet and TV and also for purchasing of items from the Post Office without the need for cash.
*The account can be opened with as little as €50, with a maximum balance of €8,000.
* Interest is paid on balances held on the account
*The account may be held in the name of joint account holders or in the name of an association, club, etc.
*A statement free of any charges is issued quarterly to assist better monitoring of transactions on the account.

Getting started is easy

To open a PostaPay&Save account and start benefiting from this simple and secure payment account, please visit one of the MaltaPost outlets and complete the application form. You will need to show your ID Card/passport and proof of address.

PostaPay&Save is subject to terms and conditions, a copy of which may be obtained from any Post Office or here. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available here and the PostaPay Card fees are available here. Alternatively contact us for further details.

PostaPay&Save is a product of Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c.and is being offered through MaltaPost outlets and Lombard Bank branches.

Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c. is listed on the Malta Stock Exchange and is licensed and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a credit institution and as an investment service provider.