Registered Mail… With MaltaPost

Want peace of mind when posting?

Do you want to be extra sure that the items you have posted have arrived at their local or foreign address? The Post Office's Registered Mail service promises exactly that, by requesting a signature from the addressee as proof that your item has been successfully delivered.

MaltaPost offers two additional options:

Advice of Delivery (Local & Foreign)

With this added service, you can choose to receive the signature indicating proof of delivery, which is sent to you for your records.

Even if you have not opted for Advice of Delivery, you can still request a copy of the recipient's signature at the time of delivery at a fee of €1.16.

The Registered Mail service is available from all post offices. At the time of posting, a barcode label is affixed to each registered mail item and a copy of that barcode given to the sender.

Registered Mail can then be tracked directly, or contact our Customer Care. Enquiries concerning registered mail (locally on internationally) must be submitted within six months of the date of posting.

You can view the rates here, and apply by downloading this form. For comprehensive information, kindly click here.


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