Chief Officers and Heads

Chief Officers 

Joseph Gafa' - Chief Executive Officer

Ray Briffa - Consultant Retail Operations

Ian Lucas - Chief Financial Officer

Adrian Vassallo - Chief Operating Officer

Carmen Ellul - Chief Internal Audit Officer



Corporate Office/ Investors Relations/ Marketing

Antoinette Camilleri - Head Corporate Office

 Mary Grace Farrugia - Marketing Officer


Insurance Services

Mario Farrugia - Head Insurance Services


Internal Audit 

Joseph Zammit - Head Internal Audit

Loredana Caruana - Officer 


Postal Museum

Lara Bugeja - Postal Museum Curator


Quality Assurance

Patrick Polidano - Head Quality Assurance

Karl Borg - Officer


Human Resources Deparment 

Stefania Camilleri - Head Human Resources

Stefan J. Camilleri - Head Health & Safety

Marisa Cauruana - Training and Development Officer

Clint Meilak - Employment Officer

Joseph Fenech - Time and Attendance Officer


Information Systems

Joswill Micallef - Head IT Support

 Steffan Galea - Head Digital Solutions and Strategy

Audrey Camilleri - Applications Support Specialist Officer

Joseph Said - IT Support Officer

 Andrew Buckwell - IT Systems Administrator


Support Services

John Cremona - Head Support Services

David Borg - Head Corporate Security

 Antoinette Bonavia - Procurement Officer

Sean Zammit - Premises Maintenance Officer

Carmel Attard - Stores Officer


Finance Deparment

Darren Micallef - Head Finance - Financial Accounts and Control

Johan Attard - Head Finance - Management Accounts and Regulatory

Erika Vassallo - Accountant

Shirley Saliba - Payroll Officer



Edwin Abdilla - Head Mail Services

Fabian Marston - Head Parcel Post Office

Joseph Formosa - Head CMR

 Kenneth Spiteri - Head Business Process Design

David Gray - Delivery Area Manager Unaddressed Mail

Josianne Bongailas Grima - Delivery Area Manager North And Gozo

Rodney Ellul - Delivery Area Manager Central And South

Albert Ciappara - Operational Systems Optimisation Officer

Godwin Bugeja - Gozo Delivery Officer


 Document Management Services

Paul Curmi - Head DMS Gozo

Andre Barbara - DMS Commercial Liaison


Commercial Department

Charles Cilia - Head Commercial

Cecilia Borg - Product Champion

Adrian Buttigieg - Product Champion

Rose Abela - Assistant Head International Business Relations

Jocelyn Fauzza - Assistant Head Business Relations

Neil Busuttil - Business Relations Officer 



Mary Grace Simpson - Head Philately


Customer Care

Sean Dingli - Head Customer Care 



Albert Gouder - Head Retail Network

Rosanne Farrugia - Retail Area Manager Central And South

Daniel Magri - Retail Area Manager North And Gozo

Ray Debattista - Head Retail Controls

Stephen Scerri - Retail Product Management Officer

Giselle Bennallack - Sub Post Offices Officer 

Pierre Camilleri - Retail Planning and Coordination Officer