PostaPay&Save Payment Account

If you are living and working in Malta, the PostaPay&Save Payment Account makes it easy for you to manage your funds. The PostaPay Card is a MasterCard International Debit Card linked to your PostaPay&Save Payment Account allows secure access to your money.


• The PostaPay&Save Payment Account is free of any charges. There are no maintenance fees or transactions fees. Other charges are still applicable (including certain service charges and international transaction charges). Please refer to the Fee Information Document below.
• Your salary may be received directly to the PostaPay&Save Payment Account.
• The PostaPay Card may be used worldwide for purchases at outlets displaying the MasterCard logo. The Card is supported by 3D Secure, making online shopping easy and safe.
• Cash withdrawals may be made with the PostaPay Card at any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo.
• A free of charge SMS notification is sent to you for each debit transaction effected by the PostaPay Card.
• The payment account may be used to pay bills such as those relating to water and electricity, telephony, internet and TV, and also for purchases from Post Offices.
• You will not run the risk of spending more money than you have as the PostaPay&Save Payment Account cannot be overdrawn.

An additional PostaPay&Save Card for your family members in Malta and overseas

An additional card linked to your PostaPay&Save Payment Account may be provided upon your request. The additional card will be issued to an individual nominated by you, who may not be living in Malta. Following satisfactory due diligence, the additional card and PIN will be mailed separately to the additional cardholder at the address specified in the application form. You will be notified by means of an SMS of all debit transactions carried out by the additional cardholder.

Getting started is easy

Simply visit any Post Office and complete an application form. At the time of application you will need to present the following documentation:

• An unexpired identification document which confirms that you are legally resident in Malta or in any other European Union Member State.
• Proof of your address such as a recent utility bill for a fixed service or rental agreement or similar in your name. This is not required if the correct address is displayed on the identification document. In cases of no fixed address, other documents are to be requested as required.
• Documentation to verify your expected deposits e.g. documents relating to your income and/or employment details.

Application forms are also available here. Completed forms together with relevant documentation may be presented at any Post Office.

If you intend to open a joint PostaPay&Save Payment Account, this can be for a maximum of two account holders and both need to present the required documentation. You can open only one PostaPay&Save Payment Account, irrespective of whether the account is held in single or joint name.

PostaPay&Save is subject to terms and conditions, a copy of which may be obtained from any Post Office or here. 

Further Information on the PostaPay&Save Payment Account can be found below:-

- PostaPay Terms and Conditions

- Frequently Asked Questions 

- Fee Information Document 

- Glossary of Terms 

- Data Protection Notice 

PostaPay&Save is a product of Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c.and is being offered through MaltaPost outlets and Lombard Bank branches.

Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c. is listed on the Malta Stock Exchange and is licensed and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a credit institution and as an investment service provider.