Payment Collection Service… With MaltaPost

Do you need your local customers to pay for the goods they've ordered, but don't have an online portal?  Would you like to target local clients who are wary of using their credit card on the internet? MaltaPost's tailored solution means our staff can collect your money once a parcel is delivered and signed for - meaning you don't have to worry. 

This fantastic value-added service from MaltaPost makes running your business - whether it's online or otherwise - extremely easy. The item will be delivered to the addressee and payment collected, after which it will be forwarded straight to you.

So why not utilise a payment service that protects both you and your customers? Contact Us now for further details.


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Special Hand Postmark – 50 Sena Malta Indipendenti

Special Hand Postmark – 50 Sena Malta Indipendenti


For the occasion of the 50th Anniversary since Malta gained Independence, MaltaPost notifies that a special hand postmark will be used on Saturday 20 September 2014....

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