Below are some examples of scam messages being sent in the form of Emails and SMS's being sent to clients. These scams are getting more creative; they even use MaltaPost Logo, mention MaltaPost in the messages and use clone fake websites similar to MaltaPost. Some scammers personalise their messages with the user's surname to make them seem more credible. Customers should be cautious as these fraudulent messages are on the rise and can look real, luring more victims to fall for these traps. If you are suspicious about an email or SMS with MaltaPost's name, please contact us immediately


EMAIL example 1 - with subject reading: "Your package could not be delivered because no customs duty has been paid."


EMAIL Example 2

EMAIL Example 3

SMS Example 1

SMS Example 2

SMS Example 3

SMS Example 4

SMS Example 5


SMS Example 6

SMS Example 7