Adminstrative Tasks

Printing, Folding, Inserting and Delivery

Ease your administrative burdens

Printing and sending out documents to numerous recipients may be a burdensome and time consuming task. MaltaPost offers a comprehensive service that manages all of this for you in an effective, efficient and accountable way.

Handling your administrative tasks

Business growth may be a positive sign however not equipping your company with the necessary administrative support can cause backlog and inefficiency. MaltaPost can manage this aspect of your business, including:
• Printing, folding and the insertion of your documents, invoices or statements in envelopes;
• Processing, posting and delivery of these documents;
• Payment collection, and payment deposits in the case of invoices;
• Reporting as required.

We will ensure that these are prepared and ready by your stipulated timeframe, updating you at every step of the process.

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