Redirection of Mail… With MaltaPost

If your business is moving address, MaltaPost can offer you a cost-effective way to ensure your business mail goes wherever you go.

So whether it's for a few days or a permanent move including overseas, MaltaPost will ensure your mail is forwarded to your new address. To apply for the service, all you need to do is complete the Redirection of Postal Articles - General Form and hand in personally at any Post Office together with the relevant documents and ID Card/s and payment. The customer is to provide a copy of ALL the ID Cards of ALL individuals whose mail is being requested to be redirected. Copies of these ID Cards will be certified as true copies and retained by MaltaPost for due - diligence purposes and in order to be in a position to provide this service.

All applications should be handed to a representative at any Post Office, applications received by post will not be processed.

In the case of redirection of postal articles addressed to applicants other than individuals such as registered companies, partnerships, businesses (sole traders), associations or other entities & bodies, a separate application form has to be completed for each addressee. More information about this service is available here.

Alternatively, contact us now for further details.