Customers should be careful about SMS messages or emails pretending to be from MaltaPost but are in fact fraud or scams. In these fraudulent messages, recipients are being urged by scammers to click on a link to pay a fee before their package can be delivered. If clicked, the link will direct users to a fake website, request bank details and steal their money and personal information.

Please be cautious as these fraudulent messages are on the rise and can look real - Click on the link to see different types of scam exmaples -  TYPICAL SCAM EXAMPLES

Protect yourself

  • Stop and think, do not act in a rush, particularly about communication that arrives out of the blue. Check before you enter personal information, security details or credit card numbers on a website.
  • Always be vigilant and check that the origin uses the correct domain (not or as examples of fraudulent domains) and a secure website using https:// (‘s' for secure). Usually these scams have poor quality designs and grammar errors.
  • Keep records of items that you are expected to be delivered by mail and check accordingly.



To report scams, you may contact the Malta Cyber Crime Unit by telephone on (+356) 2294 2231 or email address:

If you have been the victim of a payment scam report it to your local Police station.


We have been receiving reports from customers about online shopping scams. These scammers use fake websites, apps and social media adverts with a similar look and feel to authentic retailers offering luxury items such as popular clothing brands, tools and electronics at very low prices. Instead, victims receive small cheap items, such as toothbrushes, facemasks and keychains. Most of these scams use tracked services that do not require proof of delivery to trick users to believe item was delivered to someone else.

Protect yourself

  • Do not trust products advertised at unbelievably low prices
  • If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is
  • Always look out for reliable shopping sites and apps
  • Do your research about the seller, product and delivery method

You might find the following websites useful: and

MaltaPost has been in contact with Malta's leading news portals to continue raising awareness about this issue. Thank you TVM, Times of Malta and Net News for your support.