Scanning and Archiving

Discard your paper, go digital

Converting your documents to digital formats has major benefits besides helping the environment. It allows for the easy retrieval of information improving your company's efficiency. We can help you capture and convert any documents regardless of size, shape or media.

Transform All Your Documents to a Digital Format

MaltaPost's document management system can handle any type of paper, irrespective of size, material or condition. We will carefully prepare and safely reconstruct all data once the scanning process is complete. We are equipped with high speed scanning hardware and software which can convert entire archives in a short period of time.

MaltaPost provides a variety of scanning options:

Scan All Your Documents
We can pick up all your old documents in bulk from your premises and convert them to electronic data.

Scan as Needed
You might not require us to scan all your documents but simply specific ones on an ad hoc basis. In such cases, we can retrieve documents stored in our facilities and scan them when you request us to.

Scan as You Produce
On a pre-agreed basis we will collect the documents that you would have just created from your premises. We will scan and convert these documents to electronic data.

Scan In-House
We can bring our equipment and personnel to your premises and carry out the scanning in your office. Your documents will never leave your offices.

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