Storage and Archiving

Regain precious office space, let us store your data.

If your premises are getting short on space, now is the time to tackle the problem. Transfer your files to our facilities where we can archive them and store them safely for you.

Store Your Data in Our Archiving Facilities

MaltaPost personnel can pick up your documents and deliver them to our facilities where they will be sorted, indexed and organised as per your archiving requests. Our storage facilities are equipped with a 24x7 surveillance system, complete with a fire detection and access control. Should you require any document, we offer a same-day retrieval service. MaltaPost provides a variety of storage options:

Basic Storage
Simply store your documents in our fully equipped modern warehouse.

Electronic Storage
Have all your scanned documents returned by email, on CD or via secure FTP transfer. The physical documents can be stored in our facilities or returned to you.

Retrieve Online
Have your electronic scanned versions saved in a secure online server which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The physical documents can be stored in our facilities or returned to you.

For reasons why you should choose MaltaPost and to view the full list of the Document Management services, click here


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Press Release related to COVID-19

Press Release related to COVID-19


The outbreak of the COVID 19 virus in Malta is having a significant impact on our way of life and we are actively monitoring this rapidly evolving situation.....

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