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Money Transfers made easy

Do you to need transfer money to or from anywhere in the world?

With Western Union, through your local Post Office, you can instantaneously transfer money to and from all parts of the world. Using the latest electronic technology and a unique worldwide computer network, you can transfer an immediate payout to over 200 countries and territories.

Your funds will typically be received within minutes of a completed transaction, and each transfer is protected by the Western Union's world-class security system that can be verified using a unique control number.

So if you're looking for a quick system that guarantees the money is received by the right person, visit your nearest Post Office today.  Alternatively, contact us now for further details.



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MaltaPost launches Maltese Festa Series II

MaltaPost launches Maltese Festa Series II


On 14th August, MaltaPost will issue the second series of stamps depicting titular statues of various churches around Malta and Gozo.....

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