Payment of VAT & Income Tax Dues

Pay your income tax dues and social security contributions from any Post Office

It has never been easier to pay your tax dues and social security contributions! You can now simply visit one of our Post Offices and do so while running other chores at your local Post Office.

Accepted payments will include Income Tax, Final Settlement System Tax and Class 2 Social Security Contribution together with the appropriated filled in forms / payment slips. Complete in your form /payment slip at home or your office, established the amount required to be paid, prepare a cheque payment addressed to ‘Commisioner for Revenue' or settle in cash and visit your nearest Post Office to complete the transaction.

This new service from Post Offices will complement other similar bill payment services which include ARMS utility bills as well as GO, Melita, VAT Department, MCA and MEPA bills. 

Terms and Conditions

• Cheques should be made payable to the Commissioner for Revenue.

• MaltaPost cannot complete any tax forms/payment slip on behalf of clients or give any form of tax consultation. If you require any such assistance please refer to the Inland Revenue Customer service via phone number 153 or at the Inland Revenue Department, Block 4, Floriana / Victoria Gozo.

• A MaltaPost receipt showing the details of each payment submitted shall be given to taxpayers over the counter and the bill / or copy will be stamped by the MaltaPost Sales Representatives. Taxpayers will subsequently receive an official tax receipt by post from the Inland Revenue Department.