Local mail...With MaltaPost

All local single-piece mail posted before 07:00 between Monday and Saturday shall be processed and delivered by the next working day (J+1).  Local single-piece mail posted before 12:30 between Monday and Saturdays in letterboxes near Post Offices shall be processed and delivered by the next working day (J+1).

Inbound cross-border mail (international mail to be delivered in Malta) arriving in Malta on aircraft landing before 12:30 between Monday and Saturday will be processed and delivered by the next working day (K+1)

A next-day delivery standard is applicable on mail from all EU countries, Australia, Canada and the USA, with a regulatory target set at 95%. whereas for all other countries the set standard is J+3 with a 99% target. Click here to view the Quality of Service Results.

Rates are available in the Postage Rate Calculator. Insurance of mail is available for outgoing local registered mail and local parcel.  For more information visit your nearest Post Office or click here, to view the insurance of mail charges click here.

Recommended Letter-box Size and Positioning



In conformity with CEN (Comitè Europèen de Normalisation [European Committee for Standardization]) Standard - 13724 Apertures of private letter boxes and letter plates.

Remember to use your Postcode

Do you include the post code when sending your mail? The post code is an essential element of an address which is necessary for the efficient sorting and delivery of mail.  By including post codes in your addresses you can help MaltaPost deliver your mail in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

If you do not know an address post code you can find it instantly through MaltaPost's post code enquiry service here.