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Revised Rates for Select Postal Services - Effective 1 July 2020

For more information click here.The Malta Communications Authority, the entity responsible for the regulation of postal services in Malta, authorised MaltaPost plc to revise the postal rates for a limited number of postal services with effect from 1 July 2021 in order to reflect the increased local operational costs and the increased international conveyance costs and the increased last mile cross-border delivery costs. Note that the postage rates of the first weight steps for foreign postage will remain unchanged. The local postage rates will also remain unchanged.

Foreign Postage Rates

Foreign Registered Mail

Foreign Registered AR Letters

Local Postage Rates including Registered Mail

Local Bulk Posting / Franked Mail

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Postage Rates

Other Local and Foreign Mail

Foreign Bulk Postage Rates

Local Postage Rates

Parcel Air Mail Rates - FULL RECKONER (Excel)

Parcel Air Mail Rates Weighing over 20kg (Full Reckoner)

Parcel Air Mail Rates Weighing over 20kg

Letter Air Mail Postal Zones

Postage Rates on Air Mail (General)

Postage Rate Calculator

EMS International Courier Rates

EMS International Courier Ready Reckoners

EMS Destinations

MaltaPost Express International Rates

MaltaPost Express International Destinations and Zones

The Postage Rate Calculator is available here.

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