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MaltaPost’s new online Postage Rate Calculator allows customers to instantly calculate postage rates

Thanks to MaltaPost's new online Postage Rate Calculator, customers can now instantly calculate the cost of sending a letter or a parcel and the respective time frames right from the comfort of their computer. Viewers will also be able to compare rates between one service and another and choose the best possible service to match their delivery needs.

Using the online Postage Rate Calculator is easy. One must simply specify the destination, whether the mail is a letter or a parcel and its weight. Following this the website will provide the different options available, the cost and also the approximate time frame that delivery is to take place. This confirms that whatever one's requirements, MaltaPost has a delivery solution to suit his or her needs.

"Listening to customers' feedback and to continue improving the service offered on its website, MaltaPost has sought to provide an easy to use online function to measure postage rates both locally and abroad. This tool is not only convenient but also allows customers to instantly compare different services and prices" said MaltaPost's Chief Commercial Officer Daniel Grech.

The Postage Rate Calculator can be accessed from the website's Quick Links or directly through

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