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MaltaPost supports those travelling, moving address or sending important documents

Offering more than just the delivery of mail, MaltaPost presents a suite of services to ensure maximum confidentiality, security and peace of mind for customers who are away from their usual address, moving to a new home or sending an important document.

As customers go on a long holiday, study or work abroad for a long period of time, MaltaPost can hold on to their mail ensuring that it does not accumulate in their letterbox. This MaltaPost service, referred to as Temporary Mail Custody will ensure that customers' mail is retained for two months, and sent straight to the residents upon their return. This not only ensures that the mail does not fall into the wrong hands or gain the wrong attention by signifying that the recipients are away from their residence but also keeps their mail safe until they return.

With its Redirection Service, MaltaPost offers a cost-effective way to ensure that customers' mail goes wherever they go. So whether it's for a few days or a permanent move including overseas, MaltaPost will ensure that customers' mail received in an old address is forwarded to their new address. MaltaPost also offers customers seeking proof that their item has been successfully delivered, the opportunity to register their mail at any Postal Outlet around Malta and Gozo. To ensure that mail has arrived at their local or foreign address, the Registered Mail Service requests a signature from the addressee as proof that the item has been successfully delivered. You can register postal items of up to 2kg.

Every Registered mail item has a tracking number and therefore its movement can be monitored through MaltaPost's Track and Trace system on

For more information or to avail themselves of these services, customers may visit the MaltaPost website on or enter any Post Office around the Maltese Islands.

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