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MaltaPost’s SendOn & Easipik Solution Finalist for the eBusiness Awards

MaltaPost's SendOn & Easipik solution finalist for the eBusiness Awards

MaltaPost's SendOn and Easipik solution ( has been shortlisted as a finalist for the MCA eBusiness Awards within the Best eCommerce Site (B2C) category.

E-commerce logistics activity has increased considerably over the past years with both consumers and businesses leveraging on a global market to fulfil their purchasing requirements. To further improve the customer experience, MaltaPost has established SendOn which enables customers to shop online for items in the EU, USA and China especially from websites which do not ship directly to Malta. This logistics solution has been a success since its inception in 2012 with thousands of subscribers using the service regularly both for personal use and for business needs.

This service is combined with MaltaPost's Easipik solution, a nationwide parcel locker network to further strengthen its last mile delivery. This network provides customers the option to collect their items on a 24/7 basis from automated locker banks conveniently located around Malta and Gozo.

By combining SendOn and Easipik, MaltaPost is providing an innovative international logistics solution, allowing e-commerce users to purchase any items within regional market places and collect these in Malta 24/7 from automated locker stations.

SendOn and Easipik combined provide a simple and a highly secure last mile delivery solution to all users.  To utilise these lockers clients just need to register and log on to their SendOn account and choose one of the parcel lockers located in various Post Offices as their delivery address. When the parcel is ready for collection, the client will receive an email and sms with a code to be keyed into the parcel locker screen in order to release their item. 

"Through this solution MaltaPost is providing its customers unrestricted access to the major market places in Europe, Asia and USA, allowing local customers to benefit from any regional or country specific offers while also providing highly competitive international shipping rates and the most flexible, extensive and innovative local delivery options on the island" explained MaltaPost's Chief Commercial Officer Mark Vella.

Leading software provider Ascent Software and international parcel lockers provider Swipbox provided technical expertise required to make this innovative solution available to the public.

The MCA eBusiness Awards are organised on an annual basis by the Malta Communications Authority. This is the 6th edition of the MCA eBusiness Awards and winners will be announced in early April this year.

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