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MaltaPost Supports the Fight Against Covid-19

In trying times such as these, MaltaPost has risen to the challenge that the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to pose. We remain open for business and our dedicated teams of postmen and women have persisted in supporting the wider community. We continue to work hard to collect, process and deliver all mail and parcels notwithstanding these difficult circumstances and reduced flight connections. The delivery of parcels and letters is a way of keeping our communities connected, our retail businesses operating, whilst supporting many people, especially those most vulnerable who cannot leave their homes. The SendOn service also continues to function.

MaltaPost has also worked hand in hand with the National Health Authorities to print and deliver at a very short notice over 125,000 letters addressed to the most vulnerable in our population,encouraging isolation and protection to mitigate the advances of Covid-19. We also delivered a Covid-19 information booklet to every single household in Malta and Gozo. All this was done efficiently, earning the Company the respect and gratitude of the Chief Medical Officer and the Superintendent of Public Health:

"We formally extend our thanks and sincere appreciation to all your employees who have been steadfast in this endeavour and (who) are also managing to keep a functioning postal service despite the anxiety and worries associated with the situation."

Joseph Gafà, MaltaPost CEO expressed his satisfaction at the sterling job being done by the postal teams:

"We have been working hard and adapted internally to maintain business continuity during these challenging times and I thank the team for their continued dedication and support".

The Company appreciates the co-operation of all customers who are respecting the minimum social distance of two metres when visiting our Post Offices or when faced with a postal operator effecting delivery. The revised procedures adopted when taking delivery of registered mail (including parcels) involve the logging of the name and ID number of the recipient in question. Parcels deemed too large for a letterbox are also placed on your doorstep once we have rung the bell and stepped aside, to wait for you to retrieve them. If you are unable to come to the door, we will leave a notice advising you of collection alternatives.

MaltaPost plc is also encouraging clients to register for and make use of our 24/7 Easipik lockers -a service that enables customers to pick up all their online shopping from any of the 19 Parcel Locker banks located within our Post Offices in Malta and Gozo.

Please help keep a semblance of normality - we are all doing our best! Stay safe and Healthy!

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