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Tried and tested - MaltaPost’s eSeller service

From small home-run businesses to larger more ‘corporate' set-ups, eSeller has given its users the opportunity to expose their businsess to even more customers.

"eSeller uses a harmonised system that facilities the process of delivering products to their customers, both locally and worldwide, without them worrying about how much they are sending and how often" states Charles Cilia MaltaPost's Head of Logistics and Ecommerce

The eSeller platform encourages local businesses to think big by selling their products online to the global community. This allows sellers to manage their orders via an online portal reducing time spent on lengthy logistical planning. Crafted primarily for SMEs, eSeller uses an integrated system that facilitates the process of delivery to customers, without the seller worrying about the quantity and frequency of what is being sent.

This has proved extremely convenient as the service uses a labeling system thereby drastically reducing the time it takes for companies to label individual products. Beyond that, all related administrative tasks are carried out easily from the individual's business base. When ready, the items are collected by a courier or deposited at a Post Office and from then on, MaltaPost assumes responsibility for logistics. All items can be tracked internationally allowing both sellers and customers full visibility of the item's progress and more importantly, peace of mind.

The benefits to users have been hugely tangible - the process is seamless and efficient, freeing-up time for sellers to do more of what they are good at - selling. Businesses have doubled and, in some cases, tripled thanks to this new platform - "our customers focus on their true business priorities, as we handle the routine packing, labeling and delivery of products" continues Charles Cilia. eSeller is also competitively priced allowing all users to benefit from MaltaPost's established delivery network. It comes with insurance coverage against damage and loss which with larger and more fragile items is crucial.

Feedback from users has been hugely constructive allowing us to modify and improve certain aspects of the platform as the product is used. With the restrictions of COVID-19, many retailers were constrained to move their business online and thanks to eSeller they were able to do so without having to incur additional investment.
In the words of our customers - "e-Seller is both cost effective and logistically sensible".

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Our Post Offices remain open for business and our dedicated teams of postmen and women continue to work hard to collect, process and deliver all mail and parcels notwithstanding these difficult circumstances.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

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