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MaltaPost’s SendOn launches trucking services from Germany and UK

Thanks to this new forwarding service offered by MaltaPost, local online shoppers may shop for items of all sizes from the EU particularly from those which do not ship directly to Malta.

Following the success of its hubs in the UK and USA, MaltaPost has launched a new hub in Germany. It has also upgraded its UK service by offering a standard service to complement its current priority service from the UK allowing the clients to shop for items heavier than 30kg from EU online stores, particularly from those which do not ship directly to Malta. Clients can now forward these items to MaltaPost's SendOn new hubs and benefit from very affordable trucking prices.

MaltaPost's new hubs are situated in Germany and in the UK and are geared to truck heavy items of up to 300kg. This service is particularly attractive for businesses wishing to ship items in bulk as well as individuals seeking to purchase bulky items from the EU.

For more information and to calculate the cost of trucking, the SendOn website provides an easy-to-use calculator for each hub, through

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