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Customs Export Declaration

A Customs Export Declaration is required for the following specific postal transactions:

  • When sending item returns for repair jobs to non-EU countries, irrespective of item value;
  • When sending or exporting items, to non-EU countries, with a value of €1,000 or more.

The Export Declaration is necessary for one to avoid paying VAT and Duty when the item is sent back to Malta or returned to sender.  Export Declarations can be processed at MaltaPost Head Office, from Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm, at a charge of €30. Contact Customer Care on 2122 4421.

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    A letter is an item that weighs less than 2Kg. If it fits into an envelope, it can be conveniently posted in any of the letterboxes around the Maltese Islands. For items with larger dimensions, please visit your nearest Post Office. Click here to find your nearest letterbox or Post Office.

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    A parcel is an item with maximum weight of 30Kg depending on the country of destination. To send a parcel, please visit your nearest Post Office alternatively call 2122 4421 to request a pick-up. Click here to find your nearest Post Office.


POSTCARD rate to all countries is €1.50