Customs and VAT

The process of shipping from the UK, USA and Hong Kong differs slightly from when shipping within Europe. Since the USA, UK and China are outside the EU, duty and VAT may be applicable and therefore we will require some additional details on your behalf. It is good to budget for these additional costs which may arise since the items are bought over the internet will need to enter/s the EU.

Special steps to follow when shipping from the UK, USA and Hong Kong:

1. Shop online and give the seller your SendOn USA, UK or Hong Kong address.

2. MaltaPost will contact you asking you to visit our website to provide details concerning the item/s you would have bought over the internet. These details would be needed for customs clearance matters since the goods originating from a country outside of the European Union are applicable for duty and VAT charges. 

3. MaltaPost will undergo customs clearance on your behalf and will inform you of the additional customs charges that may apply.

4. Delivery of SendOn items will take place as usual and if you are not at home, you will receive a MaltaPost notice with instructions on how to receive/pick-up and pay for your SendOn delivery and the related customs duties which may apply. 

Customs Clearance Charges applicable:

Customs controls are applicable when purchasing goods from non-EU countries, including items of value of €22 and under. This charge will be applicable for items imported through SendOn coming from the UK, the USA and Hong Kong hubs. 

Below please find the list of MaltaPost Customs Processing Fees 

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