terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions

A) Introduction

  1. MaltaPost p.l.c. (‘MaltaPost’ or the ‘Company’) provides, through the website www.maltapost.com/sendon(the ‘Site’), a forwarding service offering consumers and businesses in Malta (the ‘Client’) the advantage of receiving postal items from UK and countries within the European Union (‘EU’) at a postal address found in the United Kingdom (‘UK’), which are then forwarded to the Maltese address of their choice in accordance with the terms and conditions specified below (the ‘Service’).
  2. The Service is regulated by these terms and conditions (the ‘Terms’). It is advisable to read these Terms carefully before making use of the Service.
  3. A new rate of €6 for items weighing up to 500g is applicable from 13 November 2014. This rate covers the delivery of a SendOn item from our UK Hub to Malta. Other expenses of delivery of this item from the supplier to our UK Hub should be borne by the Client.

B) General Terms

  1. In order to use the Service, the Client must first sign up to become a registered member of the Site (‘Registered Member’) by clicking on the Sign Up on the Site and following the instructions provided. The Client has the option to specify the address/PO where he may wish to receive the item when subscribing to the service or at any point.
  2. The Client is required to complete the registration form clearly indicating his/her delivery address in Malta and other contact details such as his/her mobile number as well as entering a password to be used when accessing the Client’s account. The password should be kept secret at all times.
  3. When registering to become a member, and annually after becoming a Registered Member, the Client must pay an annual subscription fee of €5.
  4. Upon becoming a Registered Member, the Client accepts to receive the Service subject to these Terms as well as any other applicable terms and conditions.
  5. Following sign up, the Client will receive a reply via email where s/he will be given a unique user code and the UK address which s/he must use when purchasing. The Client is also required to maintain the unique user code secret at all times.
  6. The Client is responsible for all directions, orders, notifications, expenses incurred or other actions that may occur through use of the Client’s Service account. The Client must immediately alert MaltaPost of any fraudulent, unauthorized, illegal or suspicious use of the Service or any other breach of security or unauthorised or illegal activity that is reasonably suspected by Client.
  7. The postal items are delivered as standard ordinary mail and are therefore subject to MaltaPost’s standard mail terms and conditions. MaltaPost’s liability is governed by these conditions of service.
  8. The Site is strictly for the use of persons aged 18 years or over. By continuing to use the Site, the Client acknowledges that s/he is aged 18 years or over.

C) Delivery

  1. Upon effecting an online purchase and choosing to receive such purchase via the Service, the Client is to ensure that his/her name, followed by the unique user code, are correctly entered together with the UK delivery address supplied by MaltaPost. The Client’s Maltese address should be used only for credit card verification or initial registration with a ‘broker’ such as PayPal.
  2. At no point in time shall MaltaPost be deemed to have entered into a direct commercial relationship with the manufacturer/supplier/seller sending the postal item to MaltaPost’s UK address on behalf of the Client.
  3. Upon placing the online order, the online store will send the Client’s postal item to the UK address and MaltaPost’s partners in the UK will ensure that this is delivered to MaltaPost in Malta. Once MaltaPost receives the postal item in Malta, it will send an email to the Client indicating the date of delivery together with the total cost of payment charges for forwarding the item to the Client’s Maltese address specified by the Client. The item will be delivered to the address or Post Office set by the Client upon registering or when accessing the 'Edit Personal Details' page. Any changes to the delivery address following receipt of this email will become effective from the delivery of the next SendOn order.
  4. The Client is to ensure that postal items are securely packaged. The maximum weight permitted for a postal item is 30kg and the maximum dimensions of the item (packaging included) are 150cm x 100cm x 100cm.
  5. MaltaPost accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of any postal item sent using the Service.
  6. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the ordered postal items may be legally and safely imported into Malta. Valuable items, hazardous and liquid materials, lithium batteries (unless inside a device) cannot be accepted. Goods classified as dangerous or considered to be prohibited materials for carriage are not allowed to be shipped via the Service. Please view the full list and description here.
  7. The Client is not permitted to use the Service for postal items purchased/originating from non-EU member states, and MaltaPost reserves the right to send back to sender any such postal items.
  8. MaltaPost also reserves the right to send back to sender any postal items received at its UK address which are suspected to be damaged when received.
  9. The Client is to ensure that postal items ordered are eligible for shipping to the final destination country, that is, the Client’s designated Maltese address.
    • MaltaPost shall not be responsible and/or held liable in any manner in the event that, by making use of the Service, the Client voids any commercial guarantee which would have been applicable for the contents of the postal item as long as this remains within the country of origin, for example, the UK. It is advisable that the Client verifies such matters with the seller prior to effecting the online order.
    • If the postal item is refused by the Malta International Airport and/or by other competent authorities, any costs incurred in sending back the postal item to sender shall be incurred by the Client.
  10. MaltaPost will, unless faced with circumstances outside its control, endeavour to deliver the postal item within an average duration of 7 working days from receiving the said item at its UK address. Provided that this timeframe in no way constitutes a guarantee that the item will be delivered within this timeframe.
  11. Notwithstanding that MaltaPost may have delayed or failed to deliver a postal item promptly, the Client is bound to accept delivery and to pay for the Service in full provided that delivery of the mail item is tendered at any time within three (3) months of the receipt of the postal item at the UK address, unless in the meantime the Client shall have cancelled the sale directly with the supplier if delivery has not been effected by such date.
  12. In the event that MaltaPost receives a mail item to be forwarded to the Client that does not quote the unique user code mentioned in Term 7, MaltaPost will endeavour to identify the Client details and deliver the mail item accordingly. MaltaPost shall not be held responsible in any manner if the mail item is lost or the delivery of the item is delayed as a result.

D) Insurance Cover

  1. When availing of the Service the Client may purchase an insurance covering the item being forwarded from MaltaPost’s UK address and the Maltese address identified by the Client. The insurance covers all trackable and untrackable items, as long as the untrackable items are signed for on receipt, up to a maximum limit of €3,000 per package for loss or damage but not exceeding the insured value.
  2. If you are interested, please click here and here in order to read the applicable Terms and Conditions.

E) Price and Payment Procedure

  1. With reference to Term 5 above, MaltaPost shall only be bound to deliver the postal items once the Client has made the relative payment for membership (if applicable).
  2. The Service is provided at the rates specified on the Site. The rates (unless otherwise expressly stated) are inclusive of VAT. In the case of any change in the applicable VAT rate, the charges due may be adjusted at any time before delivery to reflect such change.
  3. MaltaPost advises the Client to View SendOn Rates in order to check out the total cost of delivery of the postal item to the Client’s address prior to making use of the Service.
  1. The Client is required to pay for the Service upon delivery of the postal item by a MaltaPost representative. Postal items will not be released from the custody of MaltaPost if the Service (and any other applicable charges which may be due by the Client to MaltaPost) is not paid for. If the Client fails to effect payment on delivery, s/he will remain liable to pay the delivery costs to MaltaPost, who retains the right to dispose of the postal item as it deems fit.
  1. The rates include the weight of the packaging and labelling material of the postal item.
  2. The charges due by the Client will be rounded upwards to the next kilogram.

F) Right of Cancellation

  1. The Client may not cancel the Service once an order using the Service has been placed, unless the Client makes arrangements with the supplier to cancel the order.
  2. The Client may cancel by giving MaltaPost notice in writing this effect by leaving such notice in person, sending the notice by registered mail or by electronic mail at the addresses specified in Term 31 below.

G) Customer Care

  1. MaltaPost encourages Clients to seek assistance or direct any queries regarding the Service to its Customer Care Department:
  • E-mail: info@maltapost.com
  • Website: by completing our online contact form on maltapost.com
  • Telephone: (+356) 21 224 421 (office hours)
  • In person: MaltaPost p.l.c., Head Office, Customer Care, 305, Triq Hal Qormi, Marsa MTP 1001, MALTA (office hours)
  • Registered Mail: MaltaPost p.l.c., Head Office, Customer Care, 305, Triq Hal Qormi, Marsa MTP 1001, MALTA
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 07:30 hours – 16:00 hours

H) Limitations of MaltaPost’s Liability

  1. As per Term 9 above, the postal item is forwarded from the UK address to the Client’s Maltese address using standard ordinary mail, even though the seller may send the postal item to the UK address utilising a different service, such as by registered or insured post, which applies for its transit between the point of posting and the UK address.
  2. The postal items forwarded from the UK address to the Client’s Maltese address are subject to MaltaPost’s standard mail terms and conditions.
  3. MaltaPost’s liability is governed by, and shall be limited to, these conditions of service, also in the event of any loss or damage.
  4. MaltaPost shall not be liable for any consequential loss including, without limitation, any loss caused by interruption of the Client’s business, loss of electronic information or physical damage to property and whether directly or indirectly caused by any breach of contract or by negligence by MaltaPost or by any employee or agent of MaltaPost.
  5. MaltaPost shall not be held liable to pay any compensation for any delay or failure to deliver a postal item promptly.
  6. MaltaPost shall not be held responsible or liable for any compensation if, for reasons beyond its reasonable control (including, but not limited to, an inability or failure on the part of the manufacturers or suppliers of the postal items to dispatch these to MaltaPost’s UK address for any reason whatsoever) it is unable to supply the items to the Client.

I) Data Protection

  1. The Client’s personal data will be processed in conformity with the Data Protection Act and shall not be shared with third parties unless so require for the provision of the Service.
  2. The Client’s personal details will only be used for correspondence related to SendOn and other services that may be offered by MaltaPost from time to time, unless the Client informs MaltaPost that s/he does not wish to receive any such promotional material.
  3. The Client may unsubscribe from receiving any marketing material at any point and free of charge by submitting a request on info@maltapost.com.

J) Choice of Law & Dispute Resolution

  1. This contract is subject to the Laws of Malta.
  1. Though an amicable settlement is always preferred, any disputes that may arise, shall, as applicable, be first referred to the Malta Arbitration Centre or the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

K) Other

  1. The Client is responsible for ensuring that the computer system used to subscribe to the Service meets all the relevant technical specifications necessary to use, and is compatible with, the Site. The Client also understands that MaltaPost cannot and does not guarantee or warrant that any content of the Site will be free from infection, viruses and/or other code that has contaminating or destructive properties. The Client is responsible for implementing sufficient procedures and virus checks (including anti-virus and other security checks) to satisfy his/her particular requirements for the safety and reliability of data input and output.
  1. If any part of these Terms is found to be unlawful, it will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the Terms.
  2. These Terms may be subject to change from time to time without notice and it is the Client’s responsibility to read carefully this document before entering into any contract with an online seller and making use of the Service and regularly thereafter. Any changes will be effective immediately once posted on the Site. The Client’s use of the Site and the Service following changes to these Terms constitutes the Client’s acknowledgment of such changes and acceptance to be bound by the revised Terms.
  3. Any variation to these Terms (including any special terms and conditions agreed between the Client and MaltaPost) shall be inapplicable unless agreed to in writing by the Company.

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