Prohibited Items


MaltaPost and its partners strive to process and deliver your items in a timely and secure manner. Our services are safe and reliable; however we require your help as well. There are some items which we cannot ship because they are either prohibited or dangerous and may cause damage to equipment, other packages or personnel.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the items you ordered can be legally and safely shipped to Malta. It is advisable to seek guidance from MaltaPost before presenting goods of a particular nature for delivery. Valuable items, hazardous items and liquid materials cannot be accepted. Live plants or seeds, live animals or insects, animal carcasses, animal by-products (ABPs) including skins, leather and furs, weapons or part of (including replicas, toys and accessories), firearms and ammunition, bullion, biohazard, asbestos, hazardous or combustible materials including hazardous waste (as defined in IATA Regulations), waste/garbage for disposal, human remains, including ashes, narcotics (illegal), alcohol, tobacco, vapes/e-cigarettes or part of, vape additives, perfume, antiques (breakable and/or fragile), jewellery, precious metals or stones and cash/currency are prohibited. Shipments that would cause damage to equipment, other packages or personnel are also prohibited.
Lithium batteries can only be accepted inside a device when ordering through our SendOn UK and Italy standard service. Batteries and Aerosols cannot be accepted with SendOn USA, Hong Kong, Germany and UK Priority. If you are transporting aerosols and Lithium batteries (even inside a device) from SendOn UK and Italy Standard Service (trucking) a written notice must be provided to MaltaPost in advance and an ADR and IMO forms must be attached to the package by the supplier.


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