cms inches

If you are shopping from an online seller who does not ship to Malta, but ships to Hong Kong, MaltaPost’s SendOn service offers you an address in this country. Using this service may also turn out to be more cost effective than the shipping charges offered by the seller.

Items exceeding permissible Weight and Size

The maximum weight and dimensions can be shipped through SendOn with the Hong Kong Shipping service are; 30Kg and 150cm (L) x 100cm (W) x100cm (H) (packaging included).

For items larger than the above dimensions and exceeding 30Kg please contact MaltaPost’s representative for a quote on info@maltapost.com

Delivery to your door

The rates quoted for the SendOn service include delivery to any address located at street level in Malta or Gozo provided the items weigh less than 30Kg, or of a volumetric weight of and over 0.018m3, . A charge of €30 will apply for delivery of items weighing between 31Kg and 300Kg. The charge of €30 includes delivery of the item to street level only.

Delivery to a Parcel Locker

Please note that for deliveries to parcel lockers, the package must fall within certain measurements and must have a maximum weight of 30kg. For more information visit www.maltapost.com/easipik

Prohibited items

Items that are prohibited by international regulations will not be delivered by Maltapost. The list of dangerous goods may vary from one hub to another. Therefore, we encourage you to check out the prohibited items list according to the hub you will be using. Click here for more information.

Customs and VAT

There are some steps to follow when shipping from Hong Kong online stores. When your item arrives at our hub in Hong Kong, it is important that you declare the contents of this item for us to be able to ship it to Malta. Unfortunately unless you declare your item, we will not be able to ship it from Hong Kong. Please click here for more information.


Should items arrive on a pallet from the supplier to the SendOn hub, separate pricing will apply. Prior to ordering items, kindly ask the supplier to confirm whether item will be despatched on a pallet, and if so, supplier is to confirm pallet measurements. Kindly then send an email to info@maltapost.com for us to provide you with a separate quote.