Exprès – A tracked mail service for peace of mind

The Exprès Service is a tracked service similar to Registered mail, however with a difference a recipient's signature is not captured, which suits the majority of the persons who nowadays are not home to sign for the delivery of their post.

Senders and recipients alike can track online the whereabouts of their Exprès items.  

Since an Exprès item is tracked, it is scanned on delivery and therefore you are able to confirm its delivery or otherwise. Therefore, the difference between Exprès and Registered mail is that instead of receiving the recipient's signature at the time of delivery, the events affected via MaltaPost's tracking systems, shall serve as confirmation of delivery for Exprès items.

Exprès items are attempted to be delivered once. If no one is at the address, and the size of the letter box is sufficient, an Exprès item is delivered within the address' letterbox. On the other hand a notification is left by the postman, if the Exprès itemsdoes not fit in the letter box. Various options are made available to recipients to be able to collect their postal article.

Why use Exprès?
Among the various advantages of using Exprès, one can mention the fact that it offers the client an electronic confirmation of delivery, making it easier to ensure that their item has reached its destination; Exprès offers priority handling within the airmail/priority letter postal network.

This service is only available for mail arriving in Malta from abroad.