Method of Measurment


  • The measurement shall be carried out in conformity with EU standard EN 13850, and taking into consideration the proposed extensions to the standard to cover countries with relatively small volumes.
  • The measurement system shall be continuous. It shall cover all months of the year. All periods of the year shall be included as well as Christmas, Easter and summer holiday periods.
  • The panelists sample design shall be representative and include business and private households' addresses. Any panelist mailbox induction point and receiving household address shall not be used for more than 4 consecutive years. The exact location of the active panel shall remain unknown to the postal operator. If panelists become known they shall be excluded. MaltaPost p.l.c. staff cannot take part in the measurement.
  • The measuring methodology shall be objective and shall be audited. Auditors appointed by the MCA or the MCA itself will audit the measurement methodology in order to verify that the system being used is accurate.
  • On-time performance is represented by the percentage of postal items delivered within the specified service standard. The result shall be presented as the percentage of postal items arriving J + n, whereby J represents the day of deposit and n the number of qualifying days of service standard.

J + n Performance Matrix - Collection Monday-Saturday / Delivery Monday-Saturday

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun  Mon Tue Wed Thu
J J+1 J+2  J+3 J+4 J+5   J+6 J+7 J+8 J+9 
  J J+1  J+2  J+3  J+4    J+5 J+6  J+7  J+8 
    J J+1 J+2 J+3   J+4 J+5 J+6  J+7
      J+1 J+2   J+3 J+4  J+5 J+6
        J+1   J+2  J+3 J+4  J+5
            J+1 J+2  J+3  J+4
            J+0 J+1 J+2 J+3

Note 1: J = Jour - Day of deposit / posting.
Note 2: Mail posted on Sunday is treated as mail posted on Monday.
Note 3:  Mail posted on public holidays and non working days is treated as posted on the next valid collection day.