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MaltaPost supports Istrina and Tisjir mill-Qalb 2015

Postpersons have an important role within the Maltese community whose job also supports the local economy. During the Christmas period, postpersons have been everpresent through their support in delivering hundreds of copies of Tisjir mill-Qalb cookery books. MaltaPost staff also participated in the Istrina fundraising national event by offering their time in answering telephone calls and by presenting a donation on behalf of MaltaPost.

MaltaPost contributed to the Malta Community Chest Fund initiatives by supporting the sale of the popular recipe book "Tisjir mill-Qalb" from its retail network and delivered hundreds of books to housesholds ordered online. MaltaPost also supported Istrina during the 12 hour fundraising marathon organised at the Cottonera Sports Complex by donating the sum of €8,000, whilst a good number of its staff volunteered to take donation pledges over the telephone.

"Being such an active part of the Maltese community, MaltaPost feels duty bound to lend a helping hand and to help those in great need. I would like to thank all our members of staff who year after year go the extra mile to make this positive difference in the community" said MaltaPost's Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Gafa.

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