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Revised Postal Tariffs

Throughout 2012, MaltaPost was negatively impacted by changes in the framework, set by the Universal Postal Union, establishing inter-operator fees in respect of international mail. Furthermore for a number of years, various services, particularly Domestic Letter Mail and Mail Registration, have recorded systematic losses. This makes it unsustainable for MaltaPost to keep providing the current level of service. Against this backdrop and MaltaPost's commitment to keep providing an efficient, high-quality service MaltaPost submitted to the MCA a request for a number of tariff increases. In a decision published on 8th November 2012, the MCA approved the new tariffs requested by MaltaPost. The revised tariffs shall still remain among the lowest in Europe.

With effect from Monday 19th November 2012, the following postal rates shall apply:

Download revised postal rates in pdf

For further information about the revised postal rates, the general public is invited to visit our website on or to send an email to or to call our Customer Care team on 21224421.