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MaltaPost to participate at Stamp Exhibition in Germany

MaltaPost will be participating in the Essen Stamp Fair 2016 between 12 and 14 May in Germany. The Essen stamp fair is a yearly event where international postal operators showcase their countries' various philatelic publications. MaltaPost's Philatelic Bureau will be showcasing a variety of Maltese stamps related to popular themes such as history, architecture, animals and EUROPA stamps.

For this special event, the Philatelic Bureau will issue an Occasion Card portraying a flower found in the Maltese Islands from the stamp issue "Maltese Flora" that was published earlier this year.

MaltaPost will also issue a Personalised Stamp/Cover and Personalised Stamps featuring the Essen stamp exhibition logo. The Occasion Card will be available for sale in mint and cancelled condition as from Thursday 12 May 2016 at all Post Offices. Orders for the Personalised Stamp/Cover and Personalised Stamps may be placed online at or by mail from the Philatelic Bureau, MaltaPost p.l.c. 305, Qormi Road, Marsa, MTP 1001 - Telephone 2596 1740 - e-mail:

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