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MaltaPost helps to deliver children's Christmas wishes

MaltaPost helps to deliver children's Christmas wishes

During the month of December MaltaPost always receives a great number of letters addressed to Santa Claus. These letters come in all forms and colours, and feature drawings, stories and wish lists. Most children use these letters to persuade Santa and let him know how good they have been throughout the year.



The tradition of children writing letters to Santa Claus and believing that he reads all the letters is a very ancient one. It is generally believed that only the good kids get their presents, in fact that is why all children make it a point to convince Santa how good they were and await in anticipation the delivery of their gift on Christmas Eve. Clearly, this tradition is still strong as each year more and more letters are received at MaltaPost.

In order to make this experience even more magical for children, MaltaPost designed a special Santa's Letterbox this season. The letterbox was placed next to Santa's Post Office located opposite the Law Courts in Valletta. Some children chose to post their letters in this particular letterbox, others preferred to hand the letter to Santa himself who was always in attendance in this temporary Post Office.

Most of the letters are posted without a stamp, or even without an envelope. However, for this activity, MaltaPost accepts all kinds of letters and makes sure that all letters are forwarded to the North Pole.                              

During this festive season MaltaPost promoted the 'Letter from Santa' initiative which encouraged parents, grandparents and guardians to request a letter to Santa Claus for their children. In return, against a minimal charge, hundreds of children this week received a delightful personalised letter from Santa Claus. Proceeds from this initiative will be donated to Inspire. Through this initiative and other similar activities that MaltaPost organises during this period, we can ensure that this unique experience stays alive.

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