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The Postcode and its use

Known as Zip Code in the USA, Codice di avviamento postale in Italy, Postleitzahlen in Germany, Postal code in Canada and Postcode in the UK and Malta, the Postcode is a vital element in an address. Tracy Zerafa from MaltaPost discusses its use in ensuring the efficient delivery of mail.

The Postcode is a combination of words and letters that indicates unique area codes. It is mainly used for the purpose of mail sorting. The Postcode system is adopted in several countries and it is also a mandatory part of an address in many countries including the UK, France and Germany.

Postcodes are used to simplify the journey of each piece of mail being delivered, as with the Postcode, the destination becomes much easier to decipher both by the mail sorters and post persons. Nowadays, the majority of mail companies use automated letter sorting machines that scan every piece of mail and sort them according to the Postcode indicated on their address, making the process faster and more accurate.

In Malta, Postcodes were introduced in 1991. In 2007 however, the Postcode system was revamped for more efficiency and longevity. At the time, a massive marketing campaign was launched by MaltaPost in order to make the public aware of the new Postcode system. The current local Postcode is alphanumeric, meaning that it contains both numbers and letters. Thus, the Maltese Postcode is made up of 3 alphabetical letters followed by 4 digits.

How to use the Postcode:

Although these 7 characters may seem unessential for some, the Postcode is a very important part of an address, as in its absence the processing or delivery of mail may be delayed. Subsequently, the address written on the front side of the envelope should include the correct postcode immediately after the town or village of the address. Every postal item sourced locally or online, should also be legibly addressed, with the address running parallel to the length of the envelope or card, leaving enough space on the top right hand corner of the envelope for the postage stamps and postmarks.

MaltaPost highly encourages the public to start using the Postcode as a means to facilitating the journey of the letters and/or parcels. Users can also obtain any local Postcode by accessing and entering in the street name, locality and household number in the required fields. The system then instantly provides the user with the correct Postcode.

Have your mail arrive safely at its destined destination, use the Postcode!

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