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MCAST and MaltaPost offer new Diploma Course in Postal Services

MCAST together with MaltaPost are offering the opportunity for students to embark on a Diploma course on postal services. This course will be conducted over a span of a scholastic year and is aimed to provide students with both technical and theoretical knowledge of the postal service. This can give them a sound basis and the prospect of a promising career at MaltaPost.

The postal services offer a career which is dynamic in nature and unfolds in exciting new outlooks. This diploma certificate will consolidate the candidate's knowledge which is recognised within the national qualification framework standards. Those who will embark on this one-year programme will be given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with all the aspects of the provisioning of the services. At the end of this Diploma course students will have acquired an understanding of the functions and purpose of the organisation and possess a technical knowledge of the process and delivery of mail. They will also be familiar with postal regulations, procedures and be capable to carry out all operational postal service duties in a professional and efficient manner. Besides the traditional classroom teaching method this course will also be delivered through simulation and ‘on-the-job' training.

When discussing this course MaltaPost's Head of Human Resources Stefania Camilleri spoke of the prospects in taking up this career. "We are delighted to welcome prospective staff members to our company, who through this course will be equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of our operation.This new Diploma course will serve to ensure that our future recruits possess the necessary foundation to build a successful career within our company".

To apply for this Diploma, candidates must be in possession of an MCAST foundation certificate or 2 SEC/O - level passes from English Language, Maltese or Mathematics plus a clean police conduct. More information about the course is available from MCAST applications will reopen on 9 September 2014.