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MaltaPost installs 24/7 ATMs in Victoria Gozo and Rabat Malta Post Offices

As part of its diversification strategy as well to continue offering 24/7 solutions, MaltaPost has installed two Lombard Bank ATMs within its Rabat, Malta and Victoria, Gozo Post Offices.

The ATMs are placed within MaltaPost's 24/7 areas which currently host the Easipik 24/7 Parcel Lockers, enabling clients to pick up their parcels around the clock.

"Lifestyles in Malta are increasingly becoming more hectic. With varying work schedules, we seek to offer solutions to the Maltese public beyond official opening hours, allowing clients to work around their commitments. The parcel lockers and now the ATMs are fruit of this strategy and we seek to offer further similar services in the future" explained MaltaPost's CEO Joseph Gafa'.

Operating through a comprehensive network of outlets of Post Offices and Sub Post Offices, MaltaPost seeks to increase the accessibility of its services to all clients around Malta and Gozo.

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