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MaltaPost trials electrically-assisted cargo bikes

MaltaPost will be trying out a new electrically-assisted cargo bike in selected areas in Malta in a bid to reduce emissions. The project aims to strengthen the organisation's commitment to ensure efficient delivery of mail and promote the use of electric vehicles in Malta and Gozo. This new cargo bike is an addition to the already existing fleet of 14 Paxster electric vehicles. MaltaPost also has a number of Euro V vans.

The electrically-assisted cargo bike is the most efficient environmentally-friendly vehicle for delivering mail. Perfectly adapted for last mile deliveries, the cargo bike combines the best of a bicycle and a small electric mini-van. The delivery electric delivery cargo bike is, above all else, a bicycle, or, rather, a tricycle, as it is fitted with three wheels. It has an additional engine enabling the postal operator to drive effortlessy and can comfortably transport up to 150 kg

MaltaPost's CEO Mr Joseph Gafa' explains how: "Being the leading logistical company in Malta, we seek to reduce our environmental impact through sustainable practices. This trial is part of a Corporate Social Responsibility programme that we initiated a couple of years ago to ensure a safe and efficient delivery of mail to our customers, besides supporting our staff members and protecting the environment".

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