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Beware of Malicious Messages Seemingly Originating from MaltaPost

We have recently been made aware of pop-ups or messages seemingly originating from MaltaPost that invite viewers to pay €2, share personal data in return for a chance to win a free mobile phone.

We would like to clarify that MaltaPost does not engage in such practices and such messages are not being issued by MaltaPost.

MaltaPost takes its commitments towards protecting and maintaining the privacy of its customers seriously and advices that such messages are to be completely ignored.

Attenti minn Messaġġi Qarrieqa f'isem il-MaltaPost

MaltaPost tinsab infurmata li l-klijenti qed jirċievu xi ‘pop-ups' jew messaġġi li jidhru li qed jinħarġu mill-MaltaPost fejn iħajru lill-klijenti jħallsu €2 u jagħtu xi informazzjoni personali biex jirbħu Mobile Phone.

MaltaPost tavża li dawn huma messaġġi qarrieqa u mhux qed jinħarġu mill-MaltaPost. Il-Kumpanija tkompli twissi li ħadd m'għandu jirrispondi dawn il-messaġġi.

MaltaPost għandha l-impenn li tipproteġi u tħares il-privatezza tal-klijenti u tisħaq li dawn il-messaġġi għandhom jiġu njoranti kompletament.