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MaltaPost’s SendOn launches new hub in the USA

Thanks to this new forwarding service offered by MaltaPost, local online shoppers may shop from USA online stores particularly from those which do not ship directly to Malta.

SendOn is now growing and will be adding a new hub in the USA. Many USA stores which stock items such as fashion wear, musical instruments, hobby items, home interiors and electronic items offer competitive prices however shipping services to Malta may be unavailable or highly prohibitive due to their cost. Now with the launch of this new service, customers may shop from USA online stores, and forward their shopping to this hub and benefit from reasonably priced shipping costs to Malta. MaltaPost will deliver the shopping straight to the consumer's doorstep in Malta and Gozo. To calculate the cost of shipping, the SendOn website provides an easy to - use calculator.

Over the past three years, SendOn has reinvented online shopping for the Maltese consumer. SendOn, gave the opportunity to thousands of clients to shop from UK online stores, even from those which do not ship directly to Malta. Registering for this service is very simple. Online shoppers who are not already registered with SendOn just need to complete the registration form available online at Following sign up, the customers will receive a reply via email with a unique code and the USA address to be used when purchasing.

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