P.O. Box - Applying on behalf of a Company

You will need:

a) The latest copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association. This should be issued from the MFSA and not a simple unbound copy presented by the applicant; 

b) A certificate of good standing from the Registry of Companies

c) A resolution in writing signed by all the directors of the Company in terms of Regulation 66 of the First Schedule to the Companies Act for the purpose of opening the PO Box and indicating the person authorized to act on behalf of the Company pursuant to such resolution;

d) A certified copy of ID Card (Front and Back) of the person authorized to act on behalf of the company in this regard;

e) The ‘Application for the renting of a Private Delivery Box duly completed by the applicant; and/or

f) If required:-

  • The Form of Indemnity (not in the name of the individual) duly completed by the applicant, if the title of the PO Box is not in the name of the Company applying.
  • The 'PO Box Sharing form' (Appendix C) duly completed