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Early Collection of Letter Boxes on 14 August 2015

MaltaPost p.l.c. informs the public that in agreement with the Malta Communications Authority, on Friday 14 August 2015, the letter boxes listed below will be collected at 16:00hrs. This is due to the activities celebrating the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady (Santa Marija) being held in various localities in Malta.

Letter Box 409 situated in Main Street
Letter Box 420 situated in Valletta Road

Letter Box 130 situated in St. Roque Square
Letter Box 131 situated in Labour Avenue

Letter Box 115 situated in Ray Caruana Street
Letter Box 141 situated in Ġilormu Cassar Street

Letter Box 376 situated in Constitution Street
Letter Box 391 situated in Main Street
Letter Box 392 situated in Catacombs Street

Letter Box 39 situated in Parish Street
Letter Box 40 situated in Mikelanġ Sapiano Street

Letter Box 32 situated in Rokku Buhaġiar Street

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Permanent closure of Iklin Sub Post Office

Permanent closure of Iklin Sub Post Office


MaltaPost informs the public that the Sub Post Office at Iklin Stationery, 89, Ċensu Busuttil Street, IKLIN IKL 1202 will no longer operate as Sub Post Office as from Monday 19 February 2018. Residents may wish to use postal services provided from Naxxar Post Office situated at the Civic Centre, 21st September Avenue, Naxxar NXR 1018. ....

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