MaltaPost p.l.c. is one of the country's largest private employers. As the National Postal Operator, we collect and deliver mail to every address on the islands, 6 days a week. We also operate an extensive retail network of outlets. MaltaPost is regulated by the Malta Communications Authority and is listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. The company is going through an exciting transition geared towards product and service diversification. This process involves the strengthening of its organisational structure opening up opportunities for employment in the following roles:

Postal Operator - Motorcycle

Postal Operator - Walking

Health and Safety Officer

Coordinator - Operational Systems




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100th Anniversary of the Birth of Dom Mintoff

100th Anniversary of the Birth of Dom Mintoff


On 6 August 2016, MaltaPost will mark the 100th Anniversary from the birth of former Maltese ....

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