Committed to Deliver


MaltaPost p.l.c. is a public limited company that provides both local and international postal services that fall within and outside the Universal Service Obligation (USO) as well as postal financial services. 

MaltaPost p.l.c. operates a regular six day week collection and delivery service throughout the Maltese Islands. Other services are being set up to provide a better, customised service to our business customers and the general public.

Customers choosing a required service should be aware of the conditions of carriage and the basic service specifications, such as: delivery targets and security of service.  Detailed information can be viewed on the company's website or requested from our Customer Care Department.

The carriage of all postal articles is regulated by the Postal Services Act, Postal Services (General) Regulations, as well as by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Regulations. Furthermore customers may refer to the MaltaPost Postal Service Schemes for additional information.


MaltaPost p.l.c. will endeavour to provide an optimal service to the customer.

The customer agrees to pay MaltaPost p.l.c. the full price for its products and services.

MaltaPost p.l.c.will deliver correctly addressed items which comply with postal legislation and the applicable postal schemes.

The customer agrees not to mail any postal article which is prohibited for onward transmission by post.  Every country has its unique list of prohibitions and restrictions and the customer is advised to consult with MaltaPost p.l.c. prior to posting.

Detailed terms and conditions may apply for different services, and customers are strongly encouraged to request MaltaPost p.l.c. for the relevant terms, some of which are found in Postal Schemes.


Any contents in the postal article shall be adequately packed as a protection against damage in course of transmission and in particular:

(i)  An article which is of a fragile nature shall be packed in a container of sufficient strength and shall be surrounded in the container with sufficient and suitable material against the effect of such handling which items are ordinarily exposed to during transmission, and the item shall bear the words "FRAGILE - HANDLE WITH CARE" written conspicuously in capital letters on the face of the cover above the address.

(ii)  An item which is liable to be damaged by bending shall be placed in a container of sufficient strength to prevent the article to be bent in transmission, and the item shall bear the words "DO NOT BEND" written conspicuously in capital letters on the face of the cover above.

(iii) Dangerous, hazardous or prohibited items shall be refused if tendered for transmission, or if detected in transit will be detained or treated in accordance with the legislation of the country. The sender of such materials will be liable for the removal or the recovery costs incurred in its disposal.

(iv) Items containing liquids shall be packed in a container of sufficient strength and shall be surrounded in the container with suitable material against breakages. The sender will be liable to pay costs for mail items soiled or damaged in the mail as a consequence of inadequate packaging.


MaltaPost p.l.c. will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage:  

(a) caused by failure to perform any of its obligations if such failure is the result of circumstances outside its control;

(b) arising from insufficient or improper packaging or addressing;

(c) caused to items containing articles of a prohibited nature for that service e.g. foodstuffs prohibited in the USA, alcohol prohibited in Saudi Arabia. Please ask the Branch Clerk or Customer Care for assistance;

(d) arising from failure by the addressee to take delivery within a reasonable time;

(e) arising from delay or seizure of any item by any Customs Authority because of incorrect, insufficient, incomplete or improper documentation or some other lawful reason. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the correct and the complete documentation required by the Customs Authority is securely attached to the outside of the item at the time of posting and acknowledges that MaltaPost p.l.c. is not responsible for the presentation of this documentation to Customs. The customer will be held liable to MaltaPost p.l.c. for any fees, costs or losses incurred due to submission of unacceptable/ false documentation;

(f)  arising from the service which is not available to that destination or is unavailable for any other reason whatsoever;

(g)  arising from the lack of consequential or indirect loss or damage (e.g. as a result of delay, damage or loss), or loss of profits in respect of any postal articles sent for business purposes;

(h) arising from the lack of proof of posting;

(i)  arising from failure by the sender to place a documented claim/ enquiry of non-receipt of the item by the addressee within six months from the date of posting.      


MaltaPost p.l.c. offers a wide variety of delivery services within Malta and overseas.  When choosing a service, consideration should be given to delivery targets and compensation limits.

The carriage of postal articles and courier mail items is covered by local and international legislation as well as by published terms and conditions.

Business customers of MaltaPost p.l.c. may operate under different terms and conditions, depending on their agreement with the company.  

Compensation awarded to customers does not cover the value of the contents in the postal article, unless the postal article is insured.

Upon receipt of a registered postal article or a postal parcel, the customer is obliged to inspect the item in the presence of MaltaPost personnel, failing which no liability will be accepted.

In accordance with Clause (a) under 'Liabilities Not Assumed', compensation is only paid when the receiving Postal Administration authorises settlement by MaltaPost p.l.c. on its behalf. 


Claims for compensation must be submitted by completing a Customer Complaint Form and supported with other documentation such as:

  • Certificate of posting
  • Bulk Mail receipt / invoice
  • Registration receipt
  • Parcel receipt
  • Postal Order counterfoil
  • Money Order counterfoil
  • Envelopes /Packaging

Customers may be requested to produce other documentation relevant to the enquiry.

Compensation is paid to the sender. The sender can waive the right to the same amount of compensation in favour of the addressee.

If compensation has been paid in full (as per the indicated limits), MaltaPost p.l.c. reserves the right to dispose of the damaged item as it deems fit.

MaltaPost p.l.c. reserves the right to recover compensation paid to customers, if it is established that the relative postal article has been duly delivered or if the customer has already received some form of compensation for the same incident.





 Ordinary Items 

 12 x Stamp Value per Item

 Registered Items 

 30 SDRs* Maximum (approx €33)

 Parcel Items 

 40 SDRs* per parcel plus 4.5 SDRs per kg*(approx €45 per parcel, plus €5 per kg)




 Ordinary Items 


 Registered Items 

 30 SDRs* Maximum (approx €33)

 Ordinary Parcels 

40 SDRs* per parcel plus 4.5 SDRs per kg* (approx €45 per parcel, plus €5 per kg)

 MEI  19 SDR per kg

* As per Universal Postal Union (UPU) Regulations

In case of any difficulty Customers are welcome to lodge enquiries and requests for information. Our friendly customer care staff will be happy to assist you.


Requests for information regarding Postal or Money Orders are accepted after two months from date of issue.  Due to administrative reasons claims for reimbursement/compensation can only be processed after the lapse of 6 months from the date of purchase.  However, information regarding encashment can be provided to customers during the 6 month period.


A complaint is a communication by the Customer to MaltaPost p.l.c., where one's expectations of the service offered are not met.

Suggestions, communications, service enquiries, and requests for information are not considered as complaints, but are deemed to be enquiries.

In case of any difficulty, Customers are welcome to lodge an enquiry and request for information. Our friendly customer care staff will be happy to assist you.

Customers may lodge a Complaint or Enquiry via one of the following procedures:

E-mail          -  

Telephone    -         (+356) 2122 4421, Freephone 800 7 2244* (Office hours)

In person     -          MaltaPost p.l.c., Head Office, Customer Care, 305, Triq Ħal Qormi, Marsa MTP 1001 during office hours.

By mail        -          MaltaPost p.l.c., Head Office, Customer Care, 305, Triq Ħal Qormi, Marsa MTP 1001.

Enquiry and Complaint Forms may be obtained from any MaltaPost p.l.c. branch, via e-mail or mail.  Kindly call Customer Care on 2122 4421 or e-mail for further assistance. 

After completing the form, you are to mail it to MaltaPost p.l.c., Head Office, Customer Care, 305, Triq Ħal Qormi, Marsa MTP 1001.

An acknowledgement will be issued within two days of receipt of your Form.

Complaints can only be made up to six months from date of posting.


MaltaPost p.l.c. will endeavour to finalise your Complaint:

Within seven days from receipt for postal articles posted locally.

Within 90 days from receipt for postal articles posted Internationally (unless circumstances beyond our control prevent us from doing so given we depend on other Foreign Postal Administration).


Customers may seek other forms of redress or independent advice, including assistance from the Consumer and Competition Division or the Malta Communications Authority, when the mechanics of MaltaPost p.l.c.'s established code of practice have been exhausted without resolution of the complaint.

* Subject to terms and conditions by the service provider. This number is free when calling from a fixed line.