How to lodge an Enquiry

Prior to lodging an Enquiry or Complaint, we suggest that you visit our comprehensive FAQ Section. In case your question is not covered by the FAQs, you may lodge an Enquiry or Complaint directly via one of the contact forms in the FAQ section or via one of the following procedures : 

Private message via Facebook -

Telephone -  (+356) 2122 4421, freephone 800 7 2244

Call Centre operating hours are from:

7.30 am to 4.00 pm (Mon - Fri)

8.00 am to 12.15 pm (Sat)

In person   -  MaltaPost p.l.c. Head Office, 305 Triq Hal-Qormi, MTP 1001 Marsa during office hours.

Office hours are from:

7.30 am to 4.00 pm (Mon - Fri)

By mail     -   MaltaPost p.l.c., Customer Care, 305, Triq Hal-Qormi, Marsa MTP 1001.

Fax            -  ( 356) 2124 2052

Enquiry / Complaint Forms may be obtained from any MaltaPost outlet, or via e-mail, mail or fax or downloaded from below. Kindly call Customer Care on 2122 4421 or email for further assistance.


Customer Enquiry Form

Formola ghal Stharrig


Customer Complaint Form

Formola ghal-Ilment


After completing the Form, you are to mail it to:

MaltaPost p.l.c., Customer Care, 305 Triq Hal-Qormi, Marsa MTP 1001.

An acknowledgement will be issued within two days of receipt of your Form.

Kindly note that Enquiries / Complaints can only be made up to six months from date of posting.


• Delay (Delay is taken to mean an interval of four or more working days after mailing of postal item)

  • Loss or substantial delay
  • Damage
  • Change of address
  • Mail delivery or collection
  • Mis-delivery
  • Access to customer service information
  • Access to postal services
  • Behaviour and competence of postal personnel
  • Post Office counter service waiting times
  • Treatment of complaints


 MaltaPost p.l.c. will endeavour to finalise your Enquiry / Complaint :

• Within seven days from receipt for items posted locally.

  • Within 90 days from receipt for items posted Internationally (unless circumstances beyond our control prevent us from doing so given we depend on other Foreign Postal Administration).

In the case of Postal Orders and Money Orders, the Enquiry may take longer to process due to the longer validity periods.

POSTAL ORDERS - Valid for up to six months from date of postmark.

MONEY ORDERS - Valid for up to two months from date of postmark.


Customers may seek other forms of redress or independent advice,  including assistance from the Consumer and Competition Division or the Malta Communications Authority, when the mechanics of MaltaPost's established code of practice have been exhausted without resolution of the complaint.


 1. Postal Articles



 Maximum Weight






Length, width and depth combined 900mm but the greatest dimensions may not exceed 600mm 

 140 x 90 mm


 Printed Papers

 - do -

 - do -


 Articles for the use of the blind

 - do -

 - do -



 148 x 105 mm

 - do -



 1.05 m in length and 2 m in length and girth combined

 - do -


  The limits of size of postal articles in the form of a roll shall be as follows:-

(a) Maximum - length plus twice the diameter 1040 mm but the greatest dimension may not exceed 900 mm;

(b) Minimum - length plus twice the diameter 170 mm but the greatest dimension may not be less than 100 mm.